College Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations-attendance and internal assessment

Admission to the college binds a student to observe college rules and all the directives that may be issued from time to time by the college authority.

  • All the students shall go to their classes in time without disturbing other classes.

  • Loitering and Lounging in the college campus is strictly prohibited.

  • Student shall take care of college furniture and must not spoil or cause any deliberate damage or tamper with the college property, fitting etc.

  • Student should maintain a sense of decorum at all times both inside and outside the college. Those who are found guilty of serious misconduct may call punishment, including expulsion as permitted by regulations.

  • Students are advice to see the notice board regularly for important announcements and may also check STUDENT CORNER in college website (

  • Possession of identity card is must inside the campus and it must be produced whenever asked.

  • While using library books students must take care that no damage is done to the books. Causing damage to the library books will make a student liable to punishment, which is extreme case, may be suspension or expulsion from college.

Smoking and chewing

The college premises have been declared as a no smoking zone. Chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited. Anybody found indulge in this acts will be punished.

Identity Card

  • After admission each student is entitled to get an identity card signed by the principal and it is a proof of his/her status as a student of this college. Students are required to bring their identity card with them to the college and produce when necessary. Loss of identity card must be reported immediately to the office and will replace on payment of charges for the same.

  • In case of transfer or withdrawal from the college, the card must be surrendered to the college office to get identity card clearance.


Attendance of at least 75 % of the classes held during the course of study is absolutely necessary as eligibility for appearing at the University Examination. This rule is equally applicable to the students appearing in the annual test conducted by the college. Students failing the requirement of minimum attendance will not be allowed to appear at the University Examination.