Knowledge is a key element to have a success in intellectual literacy and critical thinking skill in this era of globalisation. One should be well equipped with knowledge and information to confront with unrestrained growth of intellectual competition. Knowledge and Information are the power to formulate a novel way to tackle with competitive global demand. To increase the novel paradigm of the knowledge and to produce the best breed of graduate, college is extensively working on shaping all requirements for the students. Central Library facility is a prime requirement for the information and knowledge seekers. In view of knowledge and information augmentation and also to enhance the intensity of the light of knowledge, the College have designed a finest central library with good learning environment for the students. The central library has wide range of collections on science, humanities, social science and literature containing both the text and reference book. At present library have over 1800 volumes. Students can have access to books and visit reading room on all working days from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm with their library card which will be issue soon after their admission. The library is located in the ground floor of the college.

Laboratory Facilities

Scientific laboratories are indispensable part of B.Sc course. Laboratories broaden the scientific vision of young minds and make them more inquisitive about our surrounding and explore different field of science.  As Gorubathan Government College offer both ‘honours’ and ‘general’ courses in Botany and Zoology along with ‘General’course in chemistry, there are separate laboratories with all the necessary facilities to carry out the practical classes. We are trying our best to provide preliminary platform for tomorrows budding scientists.

Study Tour

The study tours are of the great importance to the students. It allows them not only to have a practical out-look but also explore deep into the subject. Gorubathan Government College conducts local study tours for all the 1st year students to fulfil the requirement of environmental science compulsory course. Gorubathan is literally situated on the lap of the Himalaya and blessed with beautiful natural wealth of mind blowing landscape, evergreen forest with great floral and faunal diversity, dancing streams and fast flowing rivers with cool crystal clear water and ever pleasant weather. They provide the students ample opportunities to analyse the ecological aspects and biodiversity of the area by taking part in the field survey and interaction programme with local inhabitants of Gorubathan. It also makes the future generation aware of the environmental values and helps to develop mass awareness for the conservation of biodiversity. Department of Botany and Zoology also conduct study tours for ‘Honours’ and ‘General’ students.

Co-curricular activities

With increasing competition, 21st century is a pinnacle competitive era and demands complete package to hold competitive edge. To fulfil the paucity on overall development and to connect the breach to self up-liftmen, co-curricular activities play a pivotal role for overall growth. Overall development comprises intellectual, physical, moral, sensible, cultural and social development. Co-curricular activities are important learning platform to the students for practical execution of non-academic talent in a competitive world. This platform teaches the students to handle different situation extemporarily which is useful for the quality refinement. It is a practical experience of life that grooms the students in art of living and team work and helps in character building, increase in moral value, adjustment, coordination, creativity and many more. A Co-curricular activity provides the platform to strengthen the self confidence, habit of eagerness to learn the new horizon of other activities with self choice and interest. It helps to build the good social environment, foster the sense of responsibility, and therefore mould the students to the best quality human being with pleasing personality-inspiration and make them people of great value.  

Gorubathan Govenrment College is highly dedicated to inculcate the students in diverse horizon of activities. College is providing an equal opportunity to all the students to expose their talent in co-curricular activities. Inculcating the students in their talents, college have been supporting the students enthusiastically by organising college sports, joining inter-college sports competition and socialising the students by culture programme.  

College Canteen

The objective of the canteen is to protect our students from the food borne diseases and adulterated food. With increasing number of students, the college has started canteen facilities and has been functioning efficiently since April 2017. Variety of fresh and appetizing foods is in the offering at reasonable rates which keeps the students healthy and pleased. Students can find a variety of dishes by assuring food quality with no compromise on hygiene. Besides these, the spacious canteen may be useful for the hub of other activities of the students.

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